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Our experience gives us the ability to quote roofing jobs accurately and in a timely manner.


Drone Footage

We provide our customers with before and after images of their roof using drone technology.

The Difference is noticable

A significant number of insurance companies are providing a discount off homeowners annual premium for installing impact resistant shingle. We offer Malarkey, Atlas and Owens Corning Shingles

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quality roofing services

Every home needs a roof — and every town has a multitude of roofers waiting to do the job. But our goal isn’t just to create a high quality, durable roof — it’s to save you money, too. For every roofing job, we check with your home insurer to see if the service could be partially or fully covered. Our roofing contractor team is skilled at assessing if the damage might be covered and works directly with your insurance company so you don’t have to. And it doesn’t matter what company you use — we work with them all.

Some covered replacements include hail damage and wind damage. In the Midwest, high winds or hail can damage shingles or cause them to fall off. Asphalt shingles take the heaviest blow when it comes to strong winds. Any damage can potentially lead to leaks and even more serious issues in your home. Protect your family’s biggest asset by ensuring your roof is solid and water-tight.

Here at Heartland, we prefer to only use quality materials. Our selection is unrivaled and ranges from more standard-style shingles to architectural-style. Of course, roofing can entail more than shingles. Our roofers serve customers in Columbia, MO and St Louis, MO. Our roofers do it all: replacement, repair, venting, you name it. Give us a call today. 


Malarkey Roofing Products


Malarkey recycles materials to make their shingles and offset their carbon footprint.

Clean Air

Clean air is a concern of us all, which is why we integrate smog-reducing granules atop all our shingles.

Longer Lasting

The first step in making a sustainable shingle is to make it last longer.

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A lighter carbon footprint


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greater tear strength


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greater granule adhesion



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We are the only certified Malarkey installer to offer a 50 year warranty.

Each roof has:


Plastic Bags


rubber tires


Withstand winds up to 130 MPH


Class 4 Hail Impact Rating



How to qualify

While there aren’t specific steps needed to qualify for coverage under your homeowners policy, there are a few things you should know.
First, depending on what company you use, they may require a third party or one of their agents to assess the damage. While we can do the first look-over and start the ball rolling, it’s up to them if they are able to cover the service. Second, there are very specific things insurance companies look for, such as at least 10 hail spots within a 10×10 foot area on a roof, to qualify. Our team is trained to know what to look for and whether you might qualify.

Potential Savings

Savings we help home owners reach can range from a few thousand to almost $30,000. If a roof or siding replacement is covered, all you are responsible for paying is your deductible.